For When We Win


I took a breath today.

I realize I haven’t done that lately
Not in quite the same way
But today

I took a breath.

Today, hope replaced dread
Anticipation replaced anxiety
A sense of progress replaced the surety of the usual daily briefing
of regression

Today I breathed.

I sighed relief for all the work we’ve all put in
And thought with pride
Of who all placed their skin
In the game of democracy

             We tried the system
                           We tested it
                                        And we won

So I took a breath.

And momentarily mourned
All the relationships I lost
Once truth became too much
All the anger I’ve held in my back
All the sorrow of friend after breathless friend
Victims of hubris, of freedom that overstepped
All the lines people crossed in their boldness
              Lines in the sand
                           Lines water couldn’t wash clean
And I sighed
And welcomed back all that can start again
Now that it’s over

I’ll sit in this breath

Just for a little while
Before we inhale collectively
And exhale through the labor of

But not today

Today I danced
Today I smiled
Today I laughed
Today I pondered
Today I reveled
Today I rested

I took a breath today.


Jasmine Cochran

November 7, 2020

Jasmine Cochran from China - Read Jasmine's Bio

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