Once Upon A Concrete Jungle

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Adjusted to seclusion
As the roar of tragedy
Struck our cities in rage
A deluge of gloom
Descended upon our hopes
Slowly embodied our grief
Into whimpers at dusk
Clandestine closets shattered
Complexities multiplied
Crowds watched in horror
As armed illiterates
drummed up rancor
mocked our foundation
with dirty complot flags
vilified our sanctuary
smote down our honor
hung dung on our trust
relentless knee on a neck
a massacre in parlors
gates opened to egotists
the bible held by a demon
we drew our slingshots
congregated in protest
cast our voices in hope
while a pandemic slew
molesting unmarked caskets
we scrutinized babies
lying naked in grime
cages of demolition
waiting for auction
hearts in calamity
marching tin soldiers
charging ruptured borders
lilies of the fields
crying for sustenance
while polluted rivers
sprout from fracking fields
requiring a funeral anthem
for a disoriented continent
Meantime the eagle sways
to a divergent cadence


Copyright@ All rights reserved
Camille Elaine Thomas
April 07, 2021


Elaine Thomas from Germany - Read Elaine's Bio

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