November 21, 2021

DA-Spain November Newsletter 2021 - Black Friday’s not the point

Message from DA Spain Chair

It’s November, and we Americans are looking forward to celebrating this month’s revered national tradition — Black Friday! Seriously, though, Thanksgiving is upon us, and it’s time to focus on the three lessons that it can teach us. And I think we Democrats in Spain – indeed, Democrats across the globe – would do well to reflect on them.

First and foremost we have a lot to be grateful for. Are things perfect politically? Of course not. We hold both houses of Congress by razor-thin margins, and the loss in the Virginia gubernatorial race was a painful blow. But Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are in the White House, which beats the alternative by miles, and we’ve got thousands of volunteers across the globe who are ready to roll up their sleeves for the midterms. Is our country perfect? No, and that’s distressing; it’s distressing because we believe that the USA has a lot to offer us and the world. So there is much to be grateful for.

The second lesson is that we know how to be together, even when we disagree on some issues. This coming week, families of all stripes will gather at the Thanksgiving table and try hard to be nice to each other. Similarly, Democrats can – and do – work together for common goals. We need that kind of unity, that kind of “gather around the table” mentality, in our work as Democrats. Let’s focus on the many, many issues and concerns and dreams that unite us. This is how we win. This is how we progress.

The third and final lesson of Thanksgiving is that, historically, it’s a seriously mixed bag. European settlers prospered in America, but they did so at a terrible cost to indigenous people, people of color, and lots of others we could name. But we Democrats are at least willing to acknowledge both the good and the bad in our country’s past and work from that to craft a better future. If we work together, we can build on our successes and try to deal with our failures.

So happy Thanksgiving to all of you, and let’s all raise a fork to what we can accomplish together. And, on a personal level, please know that I’m grateful for all of you.

Kathy Tullos, Chair, DA Spain

Let us, then, fellow-citizens, unite with one heart and one mind. Let us restore to social intercourse that harmony and affection without which liberty and even life itself are but dreary things.”  

March 4, 1801: First Inaugural Address. Thomas Jefferson



Calls to Action

Americans Abroad Caucus

A bipartisan group in the House of Representatives has re-launched the Americans Abroad Caucus for the 117th Congress. The group – headed by Reps. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY12), Maria Salazar (R-FL27) and Dina Titus (D-NV01) – was formed to support overseas voters and address the specific issues (taxation, voting, immigration and more) that we deal with. Is your representative on this list? If not, reach out to them today and urge them to join. If they are already a member of the Americans Abroad Caucus, thank them and ask them to become co-sponsors of the Overseas Americans Financial Access Act, providing FATCA relief for Americans abroad, and the Commission on Americans Living Abroad Act. Remind them that you are a constituent and that this legislation affects you and your family directly. 

For more on what the Taxation Task Force is doing and how you can help, see this page.


Be a star!

The DNC (Democratic National Committee) Video Team is partnering with Dems Abroad to help tell the story of Democrats overseas. If you are willing to join us and tell your story, please consider filling out this Google form that will highlight the issues you are willing to speak on. We're looking for Americans living in every corner of the world, every background, activists behind every issue. This will begin the process so our team can reach out as they conceptualize videos. Don't hold back, speak to what you would like to be shared.


Giving Tuesday

Democrats Abroad strives to get more Democrats elected to public office by rallying more than the 6.5 million eligible voters living abroad to register and go to the polls. In 2020, the margin of victory was less than 5% in 42 congressional races. As a result, Americans abroad are increasingly in a position to make the winning difference in closely fought elections.

DA is an entirely volunteer-run organization of more than 17,000 people worldwide. We ask for your financial support to enable our GOTV efforts now through the midterms and help move several states from purple to blue in the near future.

This year on Giving Tuesday (November 30, 2021), please consider making a one-time or recurring donation that will assist in our worldwide GOTV efforts.

Go to to donate.

Caucus News

Women’s Caucus - Living in Spain

The Women’s Caucus’s newly launched Living in Spain series is meant to help Americans in Spain – both recent arrivals and those who have lived here for many years – navigate the hurdles that we face here. The series got off to a roaring start in October, with more than 100 members and friends signing up to learn about Spanish taxes. Guest speaker Ignacio Pellecer talked about tax issues for Americans living in Spain and got into some of the technicalities of filing the IRPF and supplementary forms. Ignacio took questions from the audience and provided links to helpful documents in English for those who want to learn more.  

Next up, and just in time for the holidays, Living in Spain will feature guest speaker (and former Republican) Victor Horcasitas, who will share sage advice on how to talk to your crazy uncle in the MAGA hat, how to circumvent awkward encounters around the dinner table or at the local supermarket, and more. The session will be held on Wednesday, December 15 at 18:00h. Watch this page for the event posting, coming soon. 


Future sessions of Living In Spain are already lined up and include: 

  • January 12th: Residency visas and immigration
  • February 9th: Renters rights and buying property
  • March 9th: Making a will, probate and inheritance
  • April 6th: Litigation in Spain


Coming Soon: DA Spain Youth Caucus

If the outcome of COP26 teaches us anything, it’s that people whose interests are anchored in the past are not going to help us build a better future. This is why young people must step up and get more involved at this crucial time – and why we are excited to announce the formation of the DAS Youth Caucus. The new group is led by Hunter Baldridge, a graduate student at Saint Louis University in Madrid. Hunter is studying international relations and doing work related to environmental, political, and various other crises issues. As an undergraduate at Utah State University, where he studied Human and Environmental Geography, he was the president and founder of the school’s Democratic club, and successfully grew that organization on Instagram from zero to more than 2,000 students! Building on that experience and much more, Hunter has stepped up to launch a Youth Caucus in Spain to contribute to mobilizing young voters throughout the nation.

If you are interested in helping out or getting involved, feel free to connect with Hunter via the newly-created DAS Youth Caucus Instagram or by email. Learn more about the DAS Youth Caucus here.And if you want to learn more about all the DA caucuses, join our November 23 La Lucha Continúa meeting with Global caucus leaders. Click here to learn more and RSVP.

Chapter and Verse



The 2020 election is long over and The Former Guy is gone, but the fight for democracy continues (La Lucha Continúa). For those not yet “in the know,” this is our biweekly online meeting covering a range of issues related to voting and activism. On November 9, we heard from DA Global fundraising coordinator Jeff Nadison about the state of things on that front (hint: we have a lot of work to do). And the caucuses are driving much of this work, as the previous section indicates. On November 23, La Lucha will host a panel of leaders from the global and local caucuses, who will explain what DA Caucuses are, the valuable work they do, and why you should join this effort. RSVP here. Note that these meetings are open to all members of DA Spain.


Spread some holiday cheer! 

The holidays are just around the corner, and DA Barcelona is preparing a long-overdue, in-person gathering and celebration. Join us on December 9th from 19:00-21:00 at Eroica Caffè Barcelona for drinks and tapas. If you would like to stay for dinner, we will organize a group for that as well. For more information and to RSVP, click here

Democrats Abroad Barcelona is a 100% volunteer-run organization. In order for your chapter to live up to its full potential, we need your help. Please sign up here to be a volunteer. And remember to join our Signal group and follow us on Twitter for updates and ongoing conversation.


Last month, we held our first event at our new venue, The Toast Taproom Malasaña.

Old members and new friends alike gathered for a screening of Knock Down the House, the Netflix documentary that followed four women running for Congress in 2018, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

In case you didn't get a chance to watch the movie with us, it's available on both Netflix and YouTube.


On Wednesday, November 24th, DA Madrid is holding a Thanksgiving fundraiser at The Toast Taproom Malasaña, complete with dinner and cocktails.


Location: The Toast Taproom Malasaña, C/ San Vicente Ferrer, 33
Date & Time: Wednesday, November 24th. 
Doors open at 19:30pm, dinner at 20h, cocktail hour at 21:30.
Price: Dinner tickets are €45/person. Advance ticket purchase is required. RSVP by Monday, November 22nd.

Come enjoy a full Thanksgiving spread—vegetarian option available on request—with unlimited beer or wine during the meal. Doors will open at 7:30pm, and dinner will go from 8:00pm until 9:30pm.

If you cannot attend dinner, come to the cocktail hour at 9:30pm and socialize with fellow DA members and local friends. A portion of the proceeds from every mixed drink will be donated to Democrats Abroad Spain.

Tickets for the dinner are €45 each and can be purchased at the following link: DA Madrid Thanksgiving Fundraiser. While all are welcome to join, tickets must be purchased by U.S. citizens in accordance with U.S. federal election law. Note that advance ticket purchase is required for dinner. RSVP by Monday, November 22nd.

We look forward to seeing you for dinner, cocktails, or both!


Halloween Festival and Trick-or-Treat 

Democrats Abroad Valencia’s Halloween Festival and Trick-or-Treat was a smashing (pumpkins) success, drawing a crowd of more than 360 people for a spooky evening of family fun and trick-or-treating. The packed house was entertained by a magician, played in a slime lab, and bounced away their cares in a castillo hinchable. Professional face painters created masterpieces, while hairdressers sprayed the heads of excited children with funky colors. Adults were treated to an artisan fair, with beautifully-handcrafted products, and a fortune teller.


Americans Drinking Coffee with Americans


This month’s in-person chapter meeting was followed by an expanded public town hall, where volunteers were invited to discuss the most pressing organizational needs, and sign up to assist with events that align with their personal interests. The event drew 26 attendees to Plaza de La Virgen, where we enjoyed breakfast and chatted about politics, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, our monthly Coffee Mornings, and the neighborhood Voter Registration Drives, which will begin in January. 


Thanksgiving Leftovers in the Park

Feeling nostalgic for those awkward Thanksgiving dinners with the in-laws? Don't despair! Consider us a sympathetic stand-in for Uncle Ralph and Cousin Francis. After you've had a satisfying feast at your own house, please bring your family and your leftover turkey sandwiches to the río! We'll catch up on all the gossip, and even exchange unpleasantries about bossy Aunt Dorothy.

Where: Turia Park, next to the soccer fields by Alameda Metro Station
When: November 27, 13:00-15:00h.  No RSVP required. See you there!


For more Valencia news and pictures from recent events, click here.


DA Alicante held its first Meet and Greet event at the outdoor café of the MARQ Archeology museum on Friday, November 12. More than 30 people attended from all around Alicante province. It was a great way to meet new people and start thinking about the all-important midterm elections less than one year away.

In December, a city walking tour of the holiday lights is being planned, so stay tuned to our Facebook page for the date and more details. 

Spain Fun Fact

If you’re not on Twitter, you might have missed Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s ongoing war against Big Bird, the star of the childrens’ TV show Sesame Street. In any case, did you know that the much-beloved, oversized yellow Muppet of U.S. public television fame was not cast for the Spanish edition of Barrio Sésamo? Instead, the first season of the show in Spain featured another large bird with orange and red feathers named Caponata (the Mexican version of the show cast a big green bird named Abelardo). Caponata was later replaced by a large pink hedgehog called Espinete, and most recently by a large blue creature named Bluki. Presumably they too will receive their vaccines, when the EMA approves them for use in European children.

In Closing

To stay on top of all the news, follow Democrats Abroad Spain on social media (or volunteer to help us with social media outreach). And please forward this email to your American friends in Spain who may not know us!


And please forward this email to your American friends in Spain who may not know us!

Donations to Democrats Abroad go directly to registering Americans and get out the vote (GOTV) activities such as phone banking, postcards, and most importantly, social media. Democrats Abroad is an incredible investment in our Democracy because it is 100% volunteer led and organized. Every euro or dollar you give supports our work to elect Democrats who will fight to make a better life for all Americans.  

We are able to do it economically and help win congressional districts and states that make a difference in election victory. DA is a global organization committed to helping Americans abroad to be involved in our country no matter where we live.

If you cannot afford to make a donation, consider volunteering your time, or bringing a friend to the event.