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    How to Vote from Colombia


    If you're a U.S. citizen or dual-national abroad, and will be 18 years old on November 8 this year, you have the right to vote from abroad in the 2022 midterm elections - and every U.S. election. 

    As a U.S. citizen, you can register to vote from abroad while living, working, or traveling overseas by submitting one form, the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA). It doesn't matter if you were registered to vote before you left the U.S. or how long you have lived outside the U.S. (including if you've never resided there).

    Below you'll find an overview of the entire process of voting from Peru including how to:

    1. Register and Request a Ballot
    2. Confirm and Receive a Ballot
    3. Vote and Return a Ballot
    4. Track a Ballot

    Questions along the way? Contact [email protected] at any point! 


    1.  Register to vote and request your ballot

    Visit to fill out your absentee ballot request, also known as the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA)— it only takes 5-10 minutes! If you're not registered to vote, the FPCA serves as a voter registration form as well. Be sure to choose the option to receive your ballot via email

    Every state has different submission rules and deadlines! 

    Your state’s can be found at Your State Rules  and on the homepage.  

    If you have any questions while filling out the form, you can refer to FAQs, also on the homepage.  If you don’t find your answer listed there,  click the online  Voter Help Desk’s red circle at the bottom right and type in your question.  Or email: [email protected]

    2.  Confirm your request has been accepted and that you will receive a ballot

    You should always verify with your local election official that you will be receiving a ballot. After you submit your Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) request form, if they don’t send you a confirmation of receipt right away, call or email your local election official to verify they received it and will be sending a blank ballot to you. You can look up their contact information  at  Your State Rules

    The contact information is also listed in the instructions generated when you complete the FPCA on Alternatively, most states provide a website where you can verify your voter status, although these sites can sometimes be outdated and are not aimed at abroad voters; You can find it by searching for "[state] verify voter registration."

    By  federal law pertaining to overseas voters, all states must send absentee ballots to overseas voters no later than 45 days before a federal election (MOVE Act). This year: September 24, 2022.

    --->  Tip:  For states requiring mail back ballots, you don't need to wait for ballots to come out on September 24. If you must mail back your ballot, we recommend sending in a Federal Write-In Ballot (FWAB) NOW as a backup! This allows you to use a quicker and more economical method of mail, courier, or embassy/consult delivery (see below in section 3). If you then receive your state’s complete official  ballot in time to mail  or courier it back, you can do so! Your FWAB ballot will be superseded by your state’s ballot - you will not be voting twice!  

    The FWAB is specifically for overseas voters who are concerned they won't receive their official ballot in time to return it by the deadline. All details about the Backup Ballot can be found in FAQs Here

    You can easily fill out online and download a  FWAB backup ballot at:  FWAB backup ballot ONLINE  or download and fill out by hand online here: FWAB backup ballot

    When it's time for ballots to come and you don't see yours, check your spam folder - ballots can hide in there! If you still don't see it, contact your local election official and confirm they sent your ballot out. Remember, you can look up your local election oficial’s contact info at Your State Rules

    If you don't have your ballot by October 1 and you must mail it back, we recommend you send in a Backup Ballot to make sure your vote gets to your state in time.  See details above. 


    3.  Vote and Return your ballot

    Return your ballot ASAP via the easiest and quickest  option available for your state!

    Because ballot return methods vary by state, carefully check your state’s guidelines on return via online upload, email, fax, or postal mail at Your State Rules.  If  your state only allows postal mail return you must return your ballot as quickly as possible! See mail-return options below. 

    --->  Tip:  New Jersey Voters - Please note that New Jersey allows for email or fax returns, but also requires that the ballot be sent by postal mail as well. 

    --->  Tip: New York Voters - Here are instructions on How to fold the New York State General Election ballot.


    Returning your ballot via online upload or email

    Bingo! If your state allows, these are the easiest, fastest options. Use these! 

    (Note that DA continually works with individual state representatives to promote legislation that would allow these option for all states. )

    Returning your ballot via fax

    If you don’t have a fax machine or international fax service isn’t easily available, you can use an Email-to-Fax service! The Federal Voter Assistance Program (FVAP) offers one free. Simply download an FVAP Transmission Cover Sheet; fill it out and EMAIL it along with your completed ballot to [email protected]; they will convert your email to a fax and fax it to your local election office as listed on  your Cover Sheet. 

    Other free Email-to-Fax services are available online; two are:

    HelloFax allows you to send up to 5 pages for free.

    FAX.PLUS allows you to send up 10 pages for free.

    Note: If you wait until too close to November 8th, the FVAP service will get busy and they won’t be able to guarantee your faxed ballot will arrive by your state’s deadline; it would then be best to use an alternate service. 

    Returning your ballot via mail

    If your state requires postal mail ballot return, your options are :

    Post Office

    Use your local post office IF you have reliable postal service in your area! and IF you are sending your ballot back early enough to allow time for delivery to your local election office in the states. Be sure to add international postage to your Postage Paid envelope. 

    Courier Service

    Courier service is a more reliable and timely option, but of course more costly. For fees, hours,  and locations nearest you, contact the main offices listed: 

    FedEx: Carrera 8 No. 12 B-62, Bogota; 601.291.01.00

    UPS: Bogota: Tel. 01 8000 189 961

    DHL: Central Office: Calle 9 #37A Local 1-186, Bogotá; 57 (1) 7477777

    • DHL: Cra. 15 # 119 – 48 local 101 cerca a Unicentro, Bogotá; 57 310 2097887
    • DHL: Cl. 14 #52-12, Medellín, Guayabal, Medellín, Antioquia; 57 310 2097547
    • DHL: Calle 23 D No 5AN - 18, Av. Estación, Cali, Valle del Cauca; 57 310 2097658
    • DHL: el Triangulo, Av. Santander #55 44 Sector, Manizales, Caldas; 57 310 2097543
    • DHL: Cra. 14 #11 Norte - 95, Armenia, Quindío; 57 310 2097529
    • DHL: Cabecera, Cra. 35 #53-18, Bucaramanga, Santander; 57 76973134

    Servientrega (International): Calle 64 G # 89a - 83m, Bogotá; (571)291 6300 - 291 6320; [email protected]

    Note: Can be a more economical option though not as reliable as the others. 

    --->  Tip: Family members whose ballots are in separate postage-paid envelopes and both addressed to the same local election office may use one courier delivery package.

    Important: You must ask for a postmark or date stamp to be placed on the outer envelope when mailing using any service.

    --->  Tip:  Check your state’s deadline for ballot return and count backwards to ensure timely delivery. The postmark date is important to ensure your ballot is counted!

    --->  Tip:  Even with expedited courier services, ballots still take several days to get to the United States.


    Diplomatic pouch delivery from the US Embassy in Bogota:  

    Voters in Colombia can drop their ballots off at the U.S. Embassy at Carrera 45 No. 24B-27, Bogotá. There will be a ballot drop box located in the security hut at the main entrance; Simply drop off your ballot in the sealed, postage-paid  envelope provided with your ballot (or in an envelope containing sufficient U.S. postage) addressed to your local election office, and the Embassy will provide diplomatic pouch delivery of your ballot to the U.S.; once in the U.S., your ballot will be sent via the US Postal Service to your destination as addressed. Please note that total transit time between the Embassy and your local voting district may take up to 20 days, so it is recommended to drop off your ballot as soon as possible. 

    Note: Despite the Embassy’s 20 day delivery time provided, due to time constraints and the volume of ballots expected to impact the US Postal Service, DA does not recommend using the diplomatic pouch after Oct. 4th.  


    Regardless of how you send your ballot

    --->  Tip:  Know that it is unlawful in some states for a second party to handle your voted ballot, even if it is sealed. To ensure lawful ballot return, you the voter, should place your voted ballot in the mail, provide to the courier,  or hand in for the diplomatic pouch. Alternatively, contact [email protected] to find out if your state is one that disallows second party handling of voted ballots.  


    4.  Track your ballot

    Once you've mailed your ballot, follow up with your local election official to make sure that it arrived and will be counted. Nearly all states have online tracking services. To find your state's website, go to Your State Rules  and scroll down to "Track Your Ballot." On the same web page, you can also look up your local election office's contact details and contact them directly. If they are experiencing an influx of calls or emails, you may need to remain persistent, but this can be the most direct and reliable way to track your ballot. 

    --->  Tip:  Know that voter error is the main cause of ballot rejection! 

    Having trouble? Need help?

    We understand that the voting process from abroad can be confusing — that's why we're here to help. Send an email to  [email protected]    


    Download your sticker! Share with your friends!  

     I Voted From Colombia


    • Request your overseas ballot now! 
    • Check the option (on the request form) that your ballot be sent to you by email!
    • Submit your request form online or by email, if your state allows; unfortunately, some states require you to mail your request.   
    • If your state allows you to return your voted ballot electronically – do it!  (By email, upload, or fax).
    • If your state requires you to mail back your ballot:
      • Request your ballot now so you’ll receive it on Sept 24 when counties start sending overseas ballots out (45 days before the election)
      • Download and vote your ballot immediately!
      • Use your embassy or consulate’s diplomatic pouch (by Oct 2nd) or use a courier service to send it back.
    • Track your request form and your ballot.
    • Questions?  [email protected] 

    Need help scanning your ballot?

     Watch this video on how to scan using your smartphone.

    If you don't have a scanning app on your phone, you can use Adobe Scan mobile app for iPhone & Android


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    DA-Spain [month] [year] Newsletter

    Message from DA Spain Chair

    Every once in a while, the fancy strikes me to mess with the algorithms that the digital world relies on. So I spent a few happy minutes yesterday asking completely random questions to our Google Assistant (the Google equivalent of Amazon’s Alexa). Included in my volley were the following:

    • What’s the tallest underwater mountain? (Mauna Kea)
    • How old was Elizabeth Taylor when she died? (79)
    • How many people live in Indonesia? (Approximately 273,000,000, as of 2020)
    • When was the trombone invented? (The 15th century)
    • How many moons does Saturn have? (82, but not all of them are named yet)
    • What country consumes the most macadamia nuts? (The USA)
    • Where was Charles de Gaulle born? (Lille, France)
    • How many Perry Mason books were not made into TV shows or movies? (Two)
    • Would you like a piece of pizza? (No answer)

    Unless you haven’t had lunch yet, none of these questions is likely to be important to you right now. . But here are two others that absolutely are: “Have you requested your ballot to vote in the 2022 midterm elections?” And “Have you encouraged all the Americans abroad you know to vote?

    Voting from Spain has never been easier.

    • You can get accurate, state-specific information about how to request and return your ballot at That website also answers common questions, such as voting deadlines in each state and what a state means when it asks if you intend to return there.
    • For detailed information on Voting from Spain, see this page
    • Directions on returning your ballot, including how to use the US Embassy or Consulate’s diplomatic pouch service, is also available on this page.
    • If you want to use DHL to return your ballot, send an email to [email protected] and we will share the ballot return discount code from that courier service.

    So please vote, and tell your fellow citizens to vote. And then reward yourself with some macadamia nuts or pizza. It’s the American thing to do.

    Kathy Tullos (Chair) 

    P.S.  If you really want to treat yourself, click here to see the video of a recent virtual visit to DA by Politics Girl podcaster Leigh McGowan. The video is engaging, informative, and energizing. For more details, read the details in the report below from our Barcelona chapter! 


    Read more

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    GBC Toolkits

    Click on the images below for more information about our amazing resources.


    GBC Get Out the Vote Toolkit
    Your Actions Make a Difference!



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    Alumni Letters

    Call to Action: Write Your Alma Mater

    According to Inside Higher Education, nearly 350,000 US college students studied abroad in the pre-pandemic academic year of 2017-18. That’s a huge number of potential voters! 

    We’re calling on all DA members to take part in a “Write Your Alma Mater” campaign. The goal is to have members reach out to their alma mater(s) in their own name as alumni and make sure universities are providing accurate and current overseas voting information to students before or while they’re abroad. Please take a few minutes to help us reach the millions of US college students who will be studying abroad this fall. All details and templates can be found here

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    How to Vote from South Africa


    1 SEPTEMBER 2022 – v1

    Voting in the 2022 US Midterm Elections from South Africa  

    The Midterms are here! This document aims to provide you with guidance and resources to facilitate the process of voting from South Africa. 

    If you're a U.S. citizen or dual-national abroad, you have the right to vote from abroad in the 2022 midterm elections and every election. If you are or will be 18 on November 8, 2022, you can vote in the upcoming elections.

    IMPORTANT: Each state has different rules, timeframes and processes. Please check your state-specific information now and plan. Follow your state’s timeframes and procedures carefully to ensure your 2022 vote counts!

    More than half of the states now allow for electronic transmission of ballots from overseas voters but other states require “mail-in / postal” return of ballots. If your state requires mail-in-/postal return, please see the options below. Please do not use regular international post from South Africa

    Democrats Abroad provides access to all the info you’ll need to vote from the Vote from Abroad website. This doc serves to provide information specific to voting from South Africa.  


    We suggest voters use Vote from Abroad (VFA) (, a nonpartisan service of Democrats Abroad, to request your ballot and access your state info. However, you can also use resources from the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) ( You’ll see references to FVAP here and in information from the US Consulates in South Africa.  

    Vote from Abroad (VFA)  

    Get started now: 

    1.  Request your overseas absentee ballot - start on the homepage to complete your Federal Postcard Application (FPCA) and submit it. Submit the FPCA annually. If you’re not registered to vote, the FPCA also serves as a registration form.  

    2.  Check your state’s voting procedures and timeframes – make a voting plan!  

    3.  Answer any questions from the FAQs section or ask for help.  




    • Electronic for the States that allow
    • Courier
    • US Consulate Diplomatic Pouch (by 27 Sept latest)
    • Backup FWAB (prior to 24th Sept, or after, if absentee ballot not received)
    • Please do not use regular international post from South Africa


    24 Sept             

    Ballot Day - Absentee ballots should be received by email (if requested prior to this date)  

    24 Sept – 4 Oct 

    Vote! Complete & return your ballot

    26-27 Sept        

    Drop-off deadlines for voters from states that require mail-in / postal submission who wish to use the diplomatic pouch service of the US Consulates in Cape Town, Durban or Joburg 

    4 Oct                 

    Strongly suggested deadline for all DASA voters to have submitted their ballots



    Federal Post Card Application (FPCA)

    If you have not already applied for an absentee ballot this year, please do so now. You can do this via  


    • You can use your last residence in the US or your parents’ address
    • If you have never lived in the US but are eligible to vote, click here  
    • Make sure to fill in all sections
    • Selecting “Intend to return” will provide you with access to the full ballot (state and federal). For more info click here:
    • Ensure you provide a South African address and a phone number
    • SelectReceive absentee ballot by email” and ensure your email address is clear
    • Make sure you have signed the FPCA (they will compare this signature with the one on your ballot)

    IMPORTANT DATE: 24 September 2022

    If you’ve requested your absentee ballot, it will be sent to you via email by 24 September – Ballot Day – 45 days before the election. If you have not received it by the 26th, please contact your local officials.  



    IMPORTANT DATES: 24 September – 4 October 2022

    It comes down to the number of people who actually vote. Please vote!  Every absentee ballot is always counted (not just in close elections)


    • Follow the instructions for your ballot carefully and completely!
    • Ensure your handwriting is legible.
    • Make sure you sign and date your ballot.
    • Confirm that your ballot has been received and counted by emailing your local official or using the state’s online portal.
    • State-specific info available at
    • Regardless of how you send in your ballot, remember that you (the voter) must be the one who places it in the mail. In some states, it is unlawful for any other person to handle your voted ballot, even if it is sealed.



    About half of the states now provide options for voters to return their ballots electronically. 

    See what your state requires:  


    If your state allows for electronic ballot return, we strongly suggest you use it.  More info here  

    • If returning by fax or email: return each ballot separately.
    • If sending via fax – where allowed by specific states:  

    If you don’t have access to a fax machine, the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) offers a free email-to-fax service. You will need to email your ballot and any required supporting materials (see your state’s instructions) to [email protected]  using the FVAP fax transmission coversheet at:   FVAP will then fax your election materials to your Local Election Officials.



    See what your state requires:  

    If your state requires you to return your ballot by mail / post we have two options from South Africa – courier or diplomatic pouch. 

    Please do not use regular international post from South Africa

    If sending via the US Consulate Diplomatic Pouch: 

    The Diplomatic Pouch has been a great way to send our ballots in past years and the US Consulates in South Africa are providing this service in 2022 but it takes time and when the ballots reach the US they then travel by US Postal Service so they require postage and the complete process can take several weeks – we highly suggest the drop-off deadline of Tuesday 27 September.  

    You’ll see in Consulate communication they suggest drop off earlier but most of us will only receive our ballots by 24 September and they have communicated with DASA that 27 September (6 wks before the 8 Nov election) should be safe. 

    • Follow your ballot instructions carefully!
    • You can print the postage-paid envelopes at
    • Friends may have stamps to share
    • If sending back more than one ballot via the diplomatic bag - close and seal each ballot separately. Drop off individually sealed ballots in pre-paid postage envelopes or with a US postage stamp (domestic postage) at your local Consulate (by Sept 27)
    • If you hope to mail your overseas absentee ballot from within the US, please contact your Local Election Officer to confirm that it will be accepted. All states have different rules.

    You do not need an appointment to drop off your ballot for the diplomatic pouch 

    U.S. Consulate General Johannesburg

    1 Sandton Drive, Sandton

    8:00-16:00 Monday-Thursday

    8:00-12:00 Friday

    Email questions to: [email protected] 


    U.S. Consulate General Cape Town

    2 Reddam Avenue, Steenberg Estate, Cape Town

    8:00-16:00 Monday-Thursday

    8:00-12:00 Friday

    Email questions to: [email protected] 


    U.S. Consulate General Durban

    Main lobby of Delta Towers (located near Nando's), Durban Central 

    8:00-16:00 Monday-Thursday

    8:00-12:00 Friday

    Email questions to: [email protected] 

    If sending by Courier: 

    • We suggest sending it by 4 October (don’t wait till it’s late!)
    • If sending back more than one ballot by courier to the same local officials- close and seal each ballot separately. Then put all into the courier envelope.
    • You must ask for a postmark or date stamp to be placed on the outer envelope.
    • We do not recommend booking or paying online for courier service. You will not receive a postmark if you book or pay online.
    • Track your package to ensure it’s delivered on time and confirm it’s been received.



    Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB) 

    A backup ballot 

    As long as you have already applied for your absentee ballot the FWAB serves as a backup ballot if 1) you want to vote extra early or 2) your ballot doesn’t arrive on time.  

    For more info on using the FWAB Backup Ballot -  

    You can complete the FWAB online  but you will need to print it and submit according to your state’s rules


    • If you’ve requested your ballot but don’t see it in your email (by 26 Sept) – first check your spam folder – it will come from your local election official
    • Make sure to fill in the form carefully and completely
    • Sign the form with the same signature you used on your absentee ballot application
    • Write in the names of the candidates of your choice. If you have not received your list of candidates, you can write in “Democrat” for all. This list should be available in Sept after primaries are concluded. It will be sent out with absentee ballots or you can request from local officials.
    • Make sure you sign the secrecy page too.



    Help is available! 

    State by State Info -  

    FAQs - You’ll find the answers to most questions here!  

    Global Help Desk Email -  [email protected]

    Helpdesk - This icon on the bottom right of the VFA website opens the chat/help function – it’s staffed by experienced Democrats Abroad/VFA Volunteers living around the world.


    Need help scanning? Watch this video on how to scan using your smartphone.

    If you don't have a scanning app on your phone, you can use Adobe Scan mobile app for iPhone & Android

    Democrats Abroad South Africa (DASA) will be available to assist but we are not experts and every state has different rules, so we strongly encourage you to use the above resources to prepare and to do so early. We will regularly share info and updates on our WhatsApp group and social media, please stay connected. You can contact DASA for help at

    [email protected] 



    It’s very important to vote your ballot completely. The simplest way is to vote for Democrats straight down the ballot. Some elected positions do not have a party affiliation directly associated with the party, like school boards, judges, and others. To determine who to vote for in those cases, you can do the following: 

    • Google your local US Democratic Party
    • League of Women Voters offers a personalized ballot service at You can learn where candidates running for office in your community stand on the issues. You can print or email the information to use as a reference when you vote.
    • Google: Ballotpedia "your state" elections 2022 - Example: Ballotpedia Florida elections 2022
    • You can Google the candidate's name to find their campaign website and information about each person.

    Every vote counts! Please vote. 


    Thank you, 

    Democrats Abroad South Africa 

    [email protected]



  • published DA-Spain August 2022 Newsletter in News 2022-08-27 06:22:18 -0400

    DA-Spain August 2022 Newsletter

    Message from DA Spain Chair

    A lovely Democrats Abroad member told me that reading last month’s column was like getting a hug. Getting that feedback made me really happy, but I’m giving you fair warning about this one: it’s going to be more of a shove. 

    It’s a shove because we’ve been reminded of the work immediately ahead of us. We’ve just had a visit from Ken Martin and Jarryd Rauch of the DNC, and our own Candice Kerastan, Chair of DA Global (keep reading for more about that). Chapters in Madrid, Alicante, and Barcelona organized terrific events for our visitors. Here’s a shoutout to Samuel, Revé, Maggie, Daniel, Tammy, Chris, Annie, and all the other people involved in organizing those events whom I’ve failed to name.

    At each of our stops, Ken reminded us that we Democrats have a great story to tell. The Biden administration has brought us the first female Black justice of the Supreme Court, Covid relief, infrastructure investments, measures to check spiraling prescription drug costs, unprecedented funding for measures to combat climate change, and more. And it’s done this without the daily White House drama that roiled the nation for the previous four years. So Ken is right: we have a great narrative.

    Now we have to tell that story. Fewer than 80 days remain until the midterm election, and we need to turn out in record numbers to hold our majorities in Congress. And, as Ken also said, we must stop agonizing and start organizing. For us in DA Spain, here’s how:

    •  Tell the US citizens you know to go to (VFA) to get up-to-date information about registering to vote and requesting and returning ballots. To be even more effective helping others, sign up for a voter assistance training class here
    • Check out GOTV efforts in your area:  If you’re in or near Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, or Seville, contact your local DA group and see what Get Out The Vote efforts are happening in your area. We’re putting up stickers with QR codes to direct people to VFA. We’re setting up tables to give US citizens information about voting. We’re getting together to phone voters around the world, especially those who are from battleground states. Get involved in what’s going on in your area. Email [email protected] or contact your local chapter.
    • Volunteer from home:  If you prefer to work at home, phone bank from your computer. It costs you nothing and is an easy-to-learn process. Email [email protected] for more information.
    • Wear DA Paraphernalia:  When you take a walk or run errands, wear a Democrats Abroad or Vote From Abroad t-shirt. You’ll be amazed how many folks will ask you about it! If you don’t have a t-shirt, send us an email or contact your local chapter to see what’s available.
    • Return your ballot ASAP!:  Returning your ballot can be a challenge. Click here for details on How to Vote from Spain.
    • Donate!  All of these efforts take money. Ten dollars fund multiple phone bank calls. Fifty dollars buy a banner for a DA table at a public event. Two hundred dollars buy enough stickers for an entire chapter this election cycle. Click here to donate to DA Spain

    So let’s get going, friends! We’ve got a story to tell and voters to turn out. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do.

    Kathy Tullos (Chair) 


    Read more

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  • published Tour of Spain - "Listen & Learn" in News 2022-07-29 04:59:13 -0400

    Tour of Spain - "Listen & Learn"

    Listen up all Democrat Abroad Spain Members! 

    Have you ever wanted to tell the Democratic Party what it’s like to be an overseas voter? Maybe you want to talk about the state of American politics, or better yet you want the inside scoop on the upcoming midterm elections and the 2024 races? 

    Now's your chance. We have a unique opportunity this August to make our voices heard. A contingent from the Democratic National Committee along with the DA International Chair will be visiting the Democrats Abroad chapters in Madrid, Barcelona, and Alicante from August 16th to the 21st. 

    • Ken Martin, Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) 
    • Jarryd Rauch, Eastern Regional Director of the Association of State Democratic Committees
    • Candice Kerastan, Democrats Abroad Global International Chair 

    This is a “Listen and Learn” tour for our guests who want to meet the members of Democrats Abroad Spain, listen to your concerns, and also provide insight on what they see coming in 2022 and 2024. 

    If you’d like to meet these folks in person, please plan to attend an event in Madrid (August 17), Alicante (August 18), or Barcelona (August 20). Details will be coming from your local chapter very soon and information will also be available on the Spain Events page and DA Spain Facebook page. And you can always email your questions to [email protected]

    So come get to know some interesting and influential people and let them know what’s on your mind. I’ll be at all three events and hope to see you there! 

    Also, we need your help to raise funds for the Get Out The Vote efforts by Democrats Abroad Global and we can use your help. Please consider donating to if you cannot attend one of the city visits. 


    Best, Kathy 

    Kathryn Tullos 

    Chair, Democrats Abroad Spain 


  • published DA-Spain July 2022 Newsletter in News 2022-07-23 03:22:02 -0400

    DA-Spain July 2022 Newsletter

    Message from DA Spain Chair

    I’ve been struggling with this column for days, without having any idea of where to start. Do we talk about the terrible recent Supreme Court rulings? The eye-popping revelations of the January 6th investigation? The devastating war grinding on in Ukraine? People being shot for the color of their skin or for the simple act of celebrating our nation's independence? Crippling heat and wildfires across the nation and around the world? As the incomparable Amanda Gorman puts it in her “Hymn for the Hurting”

    Everything hurts,
    Our hearts shadowed and strange,
    Minds made muddied and mute.
    We carry tragedy, terrifying and true.

    That’s a lot to tackle. What can you do? Register to vote, request your ballot, return your ballot, and tell every American you know to do the same. The midterm elections are critical. If we want to know what happened during the January 6th coup attempt, or to protect marriage equality and access to contraception, or to fight the climate change that threatens the entire planet, WE HAVE TO VOTE. 

    We can do this! And again Gorman leads us with her wise words:

    Maybe everything hurts,
    Our hearts shadowed & strange.
    But only when everything hurts
    May everything change.

    So if you’d like to get more involved, please consider attending a virtual meeting of the Democrats Abroad Spain Executive Committee. For a meeting invite, please send an email to [email protected]. The next meeting is scheduled for August 12 at 19:30 CET. Or find out if there’s a local DA group near you. If there’s not, start one! 

    And vote. Please vote. 

    Kathy Tullos (Chair) 


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