October 25, 2023

Upcoming Events October 2023

Your leaders in Switzerland are preparing for a tough year ahead as we begin our efforts to ensure Democratic victory on November 5, 2024. Representatives from every chapter as well as national leaders are attending the EMEA Regional Retreat at the end of October. There, we will be trained on getting out the vote, fundraising, media relations, and the rules and regulations necessary to help US citizens vote from abroad.

We are funding some members' costs to attend the event as we feel the content will prove invaluable in the 2024 election cycle. If you are able to help us with those costs, please consider a sustaining donation

We have lots of events coming up in the coming weeks, including hiking near Zürich, a cultural afternoon in Grandvaux, and a brewery tour in Basel. I hope you will join us at one of them!

Democratically yours,

Tory Mallett
[email protected]

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In April 2023, WI voters elected Janet Protasiewicz to the state Supreme Court. During her time on the campaign trail, she stated that the Wisconsin maps are gerrymandered and need to be revised. Now, WI Republicans are threatening to impeach her before she's even heard a single case (Washington Post, Sept. 7; NY Times, Sept. 8). You can help her keep her seat via DefendJustice.com!

Events may be added throughout the month, so be sure to check our Events page, social media channels, or our Google Calendar!

Non-Dems Abroad Events

The one year countdown to Election Day 2024 is fast approaching! Here in Switzerland, we have the unique opportunity to meet some of the Democrats who will be on the ballot!

A friend of Democrats Abroad in Geneva will host Democratic Senator Chris Coons (D) at home with a cocktail reception on Thursday, October 12. Senator Coons is serving as Co-Chair of the Biden-Harris 2024 Campaign, and this is a fundraiser for the Biden Victory Fund: https://secure.joebiden.com/a/10-12-evening

The same friend will host Congressman Adam Schiff, one of the Democrats vying for the open Senate seat in California:

We at DA do not take a position in contested primaries, including the presidential, and we are not affiliated with these events. However, we are sharing them with our members as we know many would welcome the chance to attend. DACH members may register at the “Guest” rate.

Please go to our website for more information on upcoming events, how to become a volunteer, and how to become a sustaining donor.

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