September 14, 2023

News / Events September 2023

I grew up in San Antonio, Texas, one of the oldest US cities and a truly bicultural one at that. Hispanic leaders were ever-present in my life, and the food, art, and language form the fabric of my childhood memories. For me, Hispanic Heritage Month is personal, but it is also political. Hispanic Americans have been painted with a broad brush, often a cruel one, by our opponents, in order to drive fear and resentment. This has had real material effects on their lives and livelihoods. I hope you will consider joining the Global Hispanic Caucus to get more information on how DA is supporting and celebrating the myriad Hispanic cultures and communities throughout the US!

Here at DACH, we are continuing to hold events in all of our chapters, including a monthly drinks social now running in Basel, Zürich, and Geneva! We have also launched a sustaining donor program. If you can commit to at least a dollar a month, then you can help us reach our goal of 100 Sustaining Donors by the end of the year. This program will lay the groundwork for our planning and strategizing for the entire 2024 campaign, so I hope you will support us

Democratically yours,

Tory Mallett
[email protected]

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The Maui Strong Fund was created to provide community resilience with resources for disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. The fund is currently being used to support communities affected by the wildfires on Mauivia the Hawai'i Community Foundation

2023 is an election year and you may still be able to cast your ballot! Check the list on this page and then Ballotpedia and VoteFromAbroad for more information.

Events may be added throughout the month, so be sure to check our Events page, social media channels, or our Google Calendar!

Non-Dems Abroad Events

The following events are not organized or endorsed by Democrats Abroad, but they may be of interest to our members.

Please go to our website for more information on upcoming events, how to become a volunteer, and how to become a sustaining donor.

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