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  • Welcome to the Taxation Task Force Page

    The Democrats Abroad Taxation Task Force (TTF) was formed to 1) research U.S. tax policy as it affects Americans living outside the U.S. and 2) consider, develop and execute initiatives aimed at enacting reforms that resolve adverse impacts.

    We undertake research-based advocacy to describe the problems U.S. taxation causes Americans abroad and support our reform recommendations.  Our latest research on the tax filing and financial account reporting experience of Americans abroad was published in March 2019.  Click here to download the report.

    Democrats Abroad has published a "laundry list" of tax code provisions that discriminate against Americans abroad - with accompanying reform recommendations on how to fix them.  The list is here.

    We fear Congress is too divided to find remedies for each of the many and myriad tax problems we have identified.  But we are determined to demand it of them.

    We are committed to Residency Based Taxation as a remedy, requiring little effort by Congress, that addresses the vast majority of the tax problems faced by Americans abroad.

    Further, we will continue to promote:

    • the elimination of FATCA reporting for the accounts of Americans abroad,
    • the repeal of the Windfall Elimination Provision,
    • an exemption for American business owners abroad from the transition taxes in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and
    • a citizenship remedy for "accidental Americans".

    We support tax reforms that help reduce inequality, boost opportunity for all Americans and raise enough revenue, predominantly from those with the greatest ability to pay, to meet public needs.

    Democrats Abroad Taxation Task Force
    [email protected]

  • I will vote… Will you?

    The day had come, July 4th, 2013. That day was my 18th birthday. Coincidentally, it was the very same day our nation turned 237 years old.

    Most people my age wanted to become 18 to do other stuff… go to a bar and legally drink, drive a car, or buy a pack of cigarettes, but not me, I desperately wished to turn 18 to VOTE.

    My interest in politics goes way back to the year 2000 when I was only 5 years old. I remember my dad talking about a recount and a guy named Bush stealing an election. Fast forward to the 2008 election and I clearly remember the Democratic Primaries. I ardently supported Hillary Clinton for our party’s nomination. Although I wanted her to become our 44th President, there was nothing I could do… I was 13.

    Now that I’m old enough to vote, I’m saddened whenever I see the turnout numbers. The first cycle I voted was in the 2014 midterms, and only 36.4% of eligible voters actually showed up to the polls. In 2016 and 2018, 55.7 and 50.3% of eligible voters cast a ballot, respectively. Those numbers appall me. It is truly shocking that, on average, 52.5% of voters didn’t bother to vote in the three most recent election cycles.

    The other day, I met a young expat. The entire time we spoke, he talked ill of Trump and all the horrible actions he’s taken since he took office. I gently asked him, “Well… did you vote in the last election?”, “No! My vote won’t make a difference!” When I heard those words being uttered, my blood boiled. HIS VOTE COULD HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE!

    Low turnout tends to help Republicans. Low turnouts in Florida in the year 2000, and low turnout in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin in 2016, were decisive to give us two of the worst presidents in modern history. Imagine what would have happened if turnout would have been different. We could have prevented having children separated from their parents at the border, tax cuts for the top 1%, destruction of the environment by large transnational corporations, and billions and billions of dollars being spent on war.

    I vote because I care about my fellow US citizens. I vote because I believe government should be there to help everyone, not just a few. I vote because I believe that the United States should be and can be a force of good on this planet. I vote because I believe we can have a fair economy, one that lifts immigrants, the poor and needy, and those who are living from paycheck to paycheck.

    Voting is freedom of speech in its ultimate form. It is enshrined in our Constitution.

    Do not squander this golden opportunity to change your life.

    I will vote… Will you?

  • Statement from the Hispanic Caucus Chair and Vice Chair on Acosta Resignation

    In response to the July 12, 2019 resignation announcement of U.S. Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta, who negotiated an incredibly lenient 2008 plea deal involving former Trump confidant and wealthy sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, the Democrats Abroad (DA) Hispanic Caucus' current leadership offered the following comments:

    "Yet again, this scandal-plagued administration is having to spend more time finding political nominees with ethics than actually governing our country. Given Mr. Acosta's controversial nomination when he squeaked by the Senate, he should have never been confirmed by Republicans in the first place. As the only Latino in the Trump Cabinet, it's disappointing to see such a terrible job performance from him both as Labor secretary and in his former role in the U.S. Attorney's office," stated caucus chair Michael Ramos (DA Australia).

    The caucus' vice chair, José Miguel Madrigal (DA Costa Rica), added his thoughts. "Donald Trump only added to the swamp by nominating Alex Acosta. Unfortunately for both of them, our caucus and the American people saw right through Acosta's unprofessional behavior and demanded him to step down. The Hispanic Caucus hopes that the next Labor secretary nominee is serious about leading the American workforce, including addressing ongoing workplace injuries and fatalities among U.S. Latino employees."

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    Listen to the Latest from the Hispanic Caucus!

    Our most current Podcast:

  • A Huge Thanks To The Thousands Of Tax Survey Participants

    The Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus would like to thank everyone who completed the 2019 Non-Resident Taxation Survey. The information collected will be used to advocate for congressional reforms to relieve the burden of taxes, banking, financial account reporting, securities and other laws that discriminate specifically against Americans living abroad.

    It is clear that Congress needs to better understand the Americans abroad community. In order to bring legislators to an understanding of citizenship-based taxation, we need to educate them about who we are and how we are affected by discriminatory tax policy.

    Next month, Democrats Abroad will visit Capitol Hill to relay the survey data to Congress, offering evidence of how the current tax system restricts Americans living abroad in regards to tax filing costs, banking, and investing in our countries of residence. We will do the same in May to ensure they hear our voices from abroad.

    If you have any questions about the survey, please email: [email protected]. Your support for this research and for Democrats Abroad's tax reform efforts is deeply appreciated.

    Thanks again,

    Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus


    Agradecimiento a todas las personas que han contribuido a completar la Encuesta de Impuestos de No Residentes

    El Caucus Hispano de Democrats Abroad desea expresar su agradecimiento a todas las personas que completaron la Encuesta de Impuestos de No Residentes de 2019. La información recopilada se utilizará para abogar por reformas en el Congreso con el objeto de aliviar la carga de las obligaciones impositivas, bancarias y de información relativas a cuentas financieras y de valores, así como de otras leyes que discriminan específicamente a los estadounidenses que viven en el extranjero.


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  • Send your Healthcare Photo to Members of Congress

    Add your photo to the DA healthcare stories booklet that will be shared with Members of Congress after the new year.

    Act quickly to be added to the booklet before printing.

    Photos could be of yourself, family or health-related, like a health receipt, medical equipment or prescription.  You can even use the "I Heart Universal Healthcare" sign in a selfie picture at this link

    Even better, write a short description of why you love healthcare where you live and take a photo of you with your story, or maybe just your story if you like.  

    Your story of affordable, quality, accessible healthcare overseas will help Members of Congress understand what is possible in other countries – and what is possible for all Americans.

    Send your photo by email to Kent.


  • Tips for Medicare-for-All Letters to the Editor

    Crafting your letter to the editor

    While facts are crucial, sometimes personal stories can carry much more weight with skeptical readers. This is why we launched the Democrats Abroad Healthcare Stories in support of Medicare-for-All and now invite all members to share a story directly with Americans back home.

    Below you will find some facts to help you draft your letter to the editor and tips for telling your story.

    What do you really want to say?

    It is crucial to put your story in your own words. Tell your story to help readers understand why you think the United States should adopt a Medicare-for-All system.

    Remember that this is your story and you have just as much right as anyone else to put your story out there.

    If you’re having trouble getting started, here are some tips. Use the ones that resonate most with you and don’t feel like you have to use them all:

    • Start with what makes the issue of healthcare so important to you. What motivates you to fight for Medicare-for-All?
    • What healthcare experiences have you had that made lasting impressions? Help readers connect with you story by describing how you felt in addition to what happened.
    • Be bold, be proud that you are an American living overseas and that you want your fellow Americans to be able to access the health care they need. Many will not be familiar that healthcare is easier to get abroad as many just hear scare tactics from opponents to reform.
    • Try to anticipate objections to Medicare-for-All, but don’t feel like you have to be on the defensive. Many Americans accept the health care system because it is the only one that they have known. Your story helps give them another reference point for comparison. It will challenge the disinformation that so many Americans hear on a regular basis.
    • Help you readers have hope for the future. How much better would Americans’ lives be under a public system like Medicare-for-All?
    • Mention the district’s House Representative by name in the Letter. This will make headway with getting attention in Congress. You can find out if they support the bill here.
    • Encourage readers to call their House Representative and tell them that they want Medicare For All.
    • It can be brief (500-700 words), keep it your personal experience, and be sure to name the House Representative for the district by name, and to invite readers to call the Rep in support of M4A.

    Here are some resources that will help arm you with facts about Medicare-for-All:

    Thank you! We can win this fight!

  • 2019 is the year for Medicare For All!

    Write a letter back to your US papers!

    It’s time for Medicare For All. We have won the House and the Medicare for All H.R.676 is being revised and needs your help to get it out of committee and introduced before Congress.

    The momentum behind Medicare For All has been bubbling for decades, and if we turn up the heat, it will boil over. It is a moral imperative, and it will save us - trillions.

    We, as Democrats Abroad, have experienced first-hand the benefits of a universal, public, single-payer system truly works. This was the reason we launched Healthcare Stories - and will soon be sharing these stories members of Congress.

    The Progressive Caucus of Democrats Abroad is now asking for you to contribute to the next phase of how we can amplify our voices to combat the disinformation against Medicare For All being pushed by lobbyists and greedy moneyed interests who can see that momentum is growing for change.

    Would you be willing to write a letter back to your local newspapers in the states  expressing your personal experience as an American abroad who has lived with Medicare for All?

    We are joining the national campaign by National Nurses United that has “ a special focus on 15 target House Districts across the country represented by Democrats who are on key committees for getting the bill to the floor who have not yet co-sponsored. Those are: AL-7, CA-12, CA-29, CA-39, CA-52, CT-1, MA-1, MA-4, NJ-6, NJ-9, NM-3, OR-5, TX-35, WA-1, and WI-3. However, we also know we need to build power in every district in the country.”

    You can write your letter to as many local papers you have a connection to, such as where you vote, grew up, went to school, visit relatives, vacation or do business.  And in each letter we send, we can get the attention of House members by naming them in the letter and either encouraging them to support Medicare For All or recognizing that they rightly support the Bill.

    If you write a letter, you will be enlightening many other Americans who have not experienced such a system, whose minds may be swayed by the intentional spin cast by those who do not have the best interests of all Americans at heart. And encourage them to call their House Representative to demand that they support Medicare For All.

    Your voice matters just as much as any “expert” on healthcare. You have lived experience of how a public system helps you.

    We have made some tips and facts to help you get started.

    Please also register here if you are interested, we will be in touch.

    Questions? Email the Healthcare Working Group!

    2019 will be an enormous fight for Medicare For All. Because it has a chance to win, it will be fought.

    Let’s help spread the truth and help make Medicare For All a reality in the United States.

    Healthcare Working Group
    Progressive Caucus of Democrats Abroad

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    Vote From Abroad in Spanish!

    The Hispanic Caucus is raising funds to translate into Spanish and we need your help!

    When more Democrats vote, more Democrats win. 

    Please visit and make a donation - every bit helps. 


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    DA Hokkaido Area Intro

    Welcome to Democrats Abroad Hokkaido Area!

    DA Hokkaido Area is a chapter of DA Japan, the official country committee for US Democrats living in Japan. Watch this space for upcoming announcements of meetings and events - we have events planned throughout the year, and encourage anyone interested in participating to get in touch.

    If you have questions or would like to help with Democrats Abroad in Kansai, please contact us.

    Hokkaido Area Coordinator 
    Democrats Abroad - Hokkaido Area 
    [email protected]

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