August/September Highlights

A majority of DA Delegates to the Democratic National Convention mobilized for M4A, signing a pledge to vote NO on the 2020 DNC Platform unless it included a commitment to a universal, single-payer healthcare plan. They voted NO as a block together on August 11th in solidarity with over 750 other delegates. Read more here.

Share these powerful stories of Americans in France who love M4A. Our Revolution France recently released Expats in France: Why We Love Medicare for All, Experiences of Americans on both sides of the Atlantic reveal French healthcare costs less and saves lives. Here is the short, powerful companion video

 Join a book discussion with the new Progressive Caucus Book Club. The next meeting is September 7th [rescheduled from August 31st] to discuss Bigger than Bernie: How We Go from the Sanders Campaign to Democratic Socialism by Micah Uetricht & Meagan Day. On September 27th, we’ll discuss Women, Race and Class by Angela Y. Davis. See the full list of books here. Assistance available to access books. RSVP here.

 Help elect progressives up and down the ballot! Check out our tips on how to find and support progressive candidates, wherever you are in the world.

Screen_Shot_2020-08-21_at_5.11.16_PM.pngHave you got some progressive friends and family who hesitate to vote for Joe and Kamala? Join us for our online discussion, Bittersweet November to understand this perspective and effective ways to discuss it with them, September 5, 11 am Korea Standard Time (September 4, 10 pm Eastern time). Or share this article with them and start a discussion: Bittersweet November: An Opponent, An Opportunity by Kelsey McLendon

 Want Progressive U.S. Politics? Continue to Reform the Democratic Party Rules. So says Larry Cohen, Chair of Our Revolution in this informative article explaining the direct connection between party rules and electing progressives.