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  • is hosting Second Tuesday April 2018 2018-03-14 07:48:56 -0400

    Second Tuesday: Climate Change and US Policy

    In 2018, you will have the opportunity to vote in the American elections that may be the most consequential of your life to date.

    Among other topics to be announced, we'll talk about the implications of the US elections for climate change policy.

    We'll help you request that your ballots for primaries AND the general election be delivered to Luxembourg. You'll be able to complete the process while you wait for your food or drink to arrive!

    Bring your friends and their ballot-requests will be finished for the whole year too!

    April 10, 2018 at 7pm
    Bosso Brasserie
    7 Bisserweg
    Luxembourg 1238
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    Youth Caucus Signup

    The Youth Caucus of Democrats Abroad is committed to generating awareness of the concerns of young Americans and the challenges they face for the purpose of informing party policy-making and improving party outreach and organizing. The Youth Caucus will provide a platform for young Democrats abroad - those who are and those who seek to become politically active - to engage in and lead on issues and campaigns important to them.


    The Youth Caucus will be “youth-led” but open to those of all ages who support these central aims.

    The Youth Caucus will/proposes to:

    • Build political engagement by young Americans Democrats abroad. Initiatives will make young Americans abroad aware of:  voter registration and voting from abroad; issue education, advocacy and activism, especially youth-led and youth-related;  candidates and campaigns, especially those of young Democrats;  US political and election organizing from abroad; and overseas and domestic youth networks, contacts and resources.
    • Sponsor issue-focused Working Groups: The Caucus will engage young Democrats abroad in issues advocacy by inviting them to join teams studying particular issues (eg Environmental Sustainability Working Group) and developing and coordinating youth-led advocacy activities and campaigns.
    • Establish web-based communication channels for on-going youth outreach: A Youth Caucus Blog on the Democrats Abroad Youth Caucus webpage will provide continuous access to the work of the Youth Caucus and facilitate participation by members globally.
    • Work online. Membership will not be constrained by physical location. All general meetings, campaigns, fundraisers etc. will be conducted online via Skype, Social Media, Email, and Online Markets.
    • Encourage caucus members to organize live local events and gatherings for political education and outreach, issues advocacy or socializing.
    • Be youth-led, with a leadership team made up of volunteers from around the world aged between 18 and 35.
    • Engage with US-based Young Democrats or College Democrats groups to share information, advice, intelligence and ideas, build networks and to cross-promote each other.
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  • Proudly supporting the April 22 March for Science in Luxembourg

    Democrats Abroad Luxembourg is very proud to announce that we are promoting and supporting a local March for Science coordinated with hundreds of other marches and events all over the United States and the world.

    Follow the event and indicate your willingness to stand with us here:

    On April 22, we will stand together with millions around the world to say that the common good of humanity depends on defending critical thinking and the free exchange of ideas. The global Women's March organization has designated this an official successor to their own marches in January.

    Please spread the word (and social media links) among friends and family -- American or not -- and scientists and women and anyone else who wants a better world. Watch your email for DA-specific events to make placards and posters the week before the march. If you'd like to volunteer to support the march or you know a group that would like to participate, please contact the main organization.

  • DA-Luxembourg introduces newly elected Executive Committee

    The members of Democrats Abroad Luxembourg elected officers and other leadership positions at our Annual General Meeting on 14 March 2017. The new Executive Committee is responsible for the work of the U.S. Democratic Party in Luxembourg, for enhancing the voices of its members in U.S. politics, and for advocating on issues of concern to Americans living abroad.

    Democrats Abroad Luxembourg announces the following elected leaders:

    • Chair: Will Bakker
    • Vice-Chair: Eva Moynihan
    • Secretary: Morgana Barbknecht
    • Treasurer: Roger Behrend
    • Legal Counsel: Susan Alexander
    • Member-at-Large: Timothy Lone
    • Member-at-Large: Natalie Bachiri
    • DPCA Non-voting Representative: Vicki Hansen

    With global concern focusing on the Trump administration and the Republican Congress, DA-Luxembourg seeks to be the point of contact for Americans living in Luxembourg to engage more actively with civic and governmental events in the United States. Interested individuals, groups, and press are invited to contact DA-Luxembourg at

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    Inauguration and Local Action in Luxembourg

    Members of Democrats Abroad Luxembourg are invited to join our private potluck on January 20th to celebrate the achievements and spirit of President Obama's legacy.

    If you'd like to make a more public statement, there are several women's marches and vigils organized near Luxembourg. That includes vigils in Liège and Brussels on Friday night and marches in StrasbourgFrankfurt, and Heidelberg on Saturday.

    If you're traveling, there's a good chance that there's one you can join and that there will be Democrats Abroad members to meet there. Check the lists at and

    If you'd like to help organize actions in the future -- whether public marches or issues-oriented campaigns -- please contact us at

  • U.S. voters living abroad requested their absentee ballots on the eve of National Day

    DA-Luxembourg’s Voter Pavilion on the Grand Rue on June 22, the eve of Luxembourg’s National Day, is a biennial tradition. All day, our volunteers helped American citizens request their absentee ballots using and answered questions of all kinds about the American political process.
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    LGBT Caucus Signup

    Democrats Abroad is committed to a world where all persons have access to the same rights and benefits, regardless of sexual identity or gender expression.


    The Democrats Abroad LGBT Caucus is the constituency group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex members and any Democrat abroad who supports them.

    The goals of the LGBT Caucus reflect the mission of Democrats Abroad to:

    • engage and empower LGBTI Americans living abroad to vote in US elections;
    • provide a platform for Democrats Abroad members, country committees and chapters to advance issues at the heart of the LGBTI community;
    • support Democrats Abroad’s members in issues they face living abroad as LGBTI Americans, such as access to government services and benefits for same-sex spouses and family members, the legacy resulting from past discrimination and Defense of Marriage Act.

    The LGBT Caucus: 

    • supports Democrats Abroad’s country committees and local chapters in organizing activities of interest to the LGBTI community, such as participation in pride events and voter outreach; 
    • disseminates information to Democrats Abroad members and promotes action on issues that affect LGBTI Americans and their families;
    • ensures that the LGBTI perspective is effectively incorporated in all the work of Democrats Abroad, including issues advocacy, communication and GOTV strategy, planning and execution; ensures that issues and policies that impact LGBTI Americans are included in the Democrats Abroad and Democratic Party platforms;
    • takes leadership in Democrats Abroad’s issues advocacy initiatives, including “door knock” visits to elected officials in Washington DC, to ensure that issues that impact LGBTI Americans living abroad and their families are included and addressed by elected representatives;
    • encourages LGBTI members to run for elected leadership roles within Democrats Abroad and fulfill Democrats Abroad’s diversity and affirmative action goals;
    • supports community building among Democrats Abroad’s LGBTI members and allies;
    • promotes Democratic Party candidates who demonstrate commitment to policies that positively impact the lives of LGBTI Americans;
    • supports and engages with Democratic Party LGBTI caucuses build capacity and achieve common goals.
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  • Global Presidential Primary: Two dates, two locations, plenty of ballots

    On Super Tuesday (March 1) and Second Tuesday (March 8), American citizens in Luxembourg lined up to cast ballots in the Global Presidential Primary and help determine the Democratic nominee for US President.


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  • Global Presidential Primary: March 1 and March 8

    Democrats Abroad Luxembourg will help Americans citizens living abroad to nominate the U.S. Democratic Party’s Presidential nominee through the Global Presidential Primary. Come to one of our Voting Centers on March 1 or March 8 and cast your ballot!


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    BINGO! Watching the Republican Debates

    Our event this Tuesday involved watching the most recent Republican Presidential debate, so we played a game to keep our spirits high. Our Bingo cards were filled with the bluster, boasts, and blather of the candidates. By the time we reached closing statements, most of the room had won a prize, even as the civility and rationality of American politics seemed to have lost.

    Thank goodness the debate was just a launching point for discussions both theoretical and practical. We talked about everything from the disappearance of the fabled moderate Republican to how to vote in the Global Presidential Primary (and which candidates are on the ballot).

    Join us on Sunday, January 24, when we watch the serious candidates debate in a replay of the Democratic Presidential Debate. For more information, contact

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    Notice of the 2016 Annual Meeting


    NOTICE IS GIVEN to all members of Democrats Abroad Luxembourg that:

    The Annual Meeting of members will be held on Tuesday, February 9, 2016 at 7:00 pm at Brasserie Restaurant Bosso, located in the Grund; at 7 Bisserweg, 1238 Luxembourg, to consider and act upon the following matters.

    1. Approval of the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting;
    2. Report from the Chair for the preceding year;
    3. Treasurer's Report and approval of accounts for the period from March 2015 to March 2016;
    4. Consider and act upon other matters as may properly come before the meeting.

    There are no vacant positions on the Executive Committee, so no elections are necessary until 2017.

    Every member is invited to attend the meeting in person. Volunteers will be present to help you request your absentee ballots for 2016, and to provide information about the Global Presidential Primary to be held in Luxembourg on March 1 and March 8, 2016.

    In the event that you will be unable to attend this annual meeting, you may send an emailed proxy containing the following text before February 7, 2016, to the Chair, Will Bakker:

    "I, [Name] hereby designate [Name] , a registered member of Democrats Abroad Luxembourg, to represent me at the Annual General Meeting of Democrats Abroad Luxembourg, on February 9, 2016, and to vote on my behalf on any matter on the agenda. [Date]"

    The Annual Meeting is expected to be brief, and will be followed by presentations and discussion on each of the Democratic candidates for President. You won't want to miss this opportunity to learn more about the candidates and to make your own voice heard.

    If you did not receive this notice by email, then you may not be a member of DA-Luxembourg, or you may have opted not to receive emails about our events. Please contact Will Bakker (at to change your status and begin receiving our notices.

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    Holiday Party 2015

    The Second Tuesday event for December 2015 was DA-Luxembourg's annual Holiday Party. Members of the Executive Committee provided coupes of crémant for a toast that honored the efforts of the past year and looked forward to the excitement of 2016. We welcomed several guests, from as far as Trier, to celebrate the holiday season.