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  • Solidarity Sundays #36: Dismantling Structural Racism Workshop

    In recent months the issue of race equality has dominated the news media. However, racism is not confined to police brutality or to the white supremacistsholding their rallies in public. That is racism at its most crude and visible form. More subtle is the structural racism in every aspect of our society - not just in our criminal justice system but also in our schools, the media, the workplace, and communities.

    Join us for a workshop that will provide attendees a better understanding of how racism shapes our culture and laws and to take part in imagining new ways to move forward. The workshop will be facilitated by Mrs. Sherri Spelic, an educator and leadership coach.

    The event will take place on Sunday, Sept. 27th from 16:00-18:00.  Please RSVP here to receive the link. 

    September 27, 2020 at 4pm
    Online – Zoom
    Vienna 1070
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  • New Voting Guidance for Americans in South Africa

    Updated 17 September, with new information from the U.S. Consulate

    We all know the gravity of this election and the issues complicating it. It is essential that every one of us votes this year! Ensuring our ballots are submitted on time and counted is our number one priority. Please don’t wait until the last minute to request and return your absentee ballot. Let’s get this done!

    If you have not already applied for an absentee ballot this year, please do so now. You can do this via


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  • Meet Kristi, Democrats Abroad organizer in Portugal

    Kristi Holmes Espineira's Democratic Party roots cross generations. Growing up, both her parents were professional educators with a strong commitment to working in economically disadvantaged communities with the long term goal of improving American diversity. Throughout the 60s, her mom helped to transition recently integrated schools; her dad worked directly for the Colorado River Indian Reservation in Arizona. Kristi's parents did not regard their work as "political party activism," per se. Rather, their goal was simply and literally to "do what was right." The intrinsic importance of diversity and equality was regularly the focus of dinner table conversations. Kristi's mom remains both socially and politically active today. Among Kristi's favorite "mom" memories is attending together a Barack Obama rally in 2012 and marching together in the Women's March in 2017.

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    Global Pub Quiz Fun(draiser)


    We're looking forward to meeting your team -- or matching you with other Democrats around the world.

    For each round we'll send out a google form for you to fill in the answers. Volunteers will grade each round and the winning team(s) will receive never-ending fame and fortune.*

    Ninety percent of the funds raised from this event will go directly to GOTV. Did you know that just $5 USD can reach 125 voters?

    The other ten percent will go to DA's travel fund. As a young-ish volunteer without disposable income I can tell you the #1 issue with getting involved at a higher level of commitment is being unable to afford to travel to the regional and global meetings. It's important to show up in person as it helps build relationships we need to keep up the good work. We want to have a big tent party and that perhaps means helping our younger or income-sensitive volunteers to be part of the organization. 

    Date: Saturday May 30th  |  Where: RSVP for ZOOM link!
    Quiz Start: 7:30pm (CEST / Paris time)

    For any questions about Democrats Abroad Pub Quiz, please contact DANL's Andrew Tucker:

    You can help by making a donation for this great event, so reserve your place as soon as possible!

    *fame and fortune not guaranteed!

    Donations are to Democrats Abroad (Democratic Party Committee Abroad) and not to any candidate for Federal Office.


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    Democrats Abroad Spain - 70 Donors for 2020

    In honor of my 70th Birthday, we are looking for 70 generous donors from Spain to help us kick-start our 2020 Get Out the Vote Campaign.

    The fundraiser is an online donation limited to US citizens.  If you could kick in $10-$70 it would go a long way to assuring a massive turnout in 2020. And a massive turnout means a Democratic victory!

    The work we do here in Spain in getting Americans to vote has been a huge success. 2018 was a blowout for us with 76% of our active members requesting an absentee ballot. And globally, the turnout in the 2018 midterms was three times higher than in 2014. That is an amazing increase.  Much of that can be directly attributed to Democrats Abroad and the investments  we made in getting out the vote.  From phone calls to social media advertising to our sponsored website, our actions made the difference.  And these investments were only made possible by contributions from our donors, both big and small (big is better, by the way). So please help us out and be one of the 70!

    We're going to make a difference in 2020, when the stakes are even higher.  But the problem is that millions of overseas Americans still don't vote. We can change that, but we need your support. So please donate what you can, whether it is $10 - or $70 (remember my birthday) - or more!

    The votes from overseas voters are often the margin of victory for races that are decided by less that 1%. In 2016 the Democrats captured the Senate seat of Maggie Hassan NH by the margin of votes that came in from overseas. That was replicated in 2018 for many House seats.  We can do it again - with your help.

    Thanks so much for your support!

    Jim Mercereau


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    Running For Democracy

    Thanks for supporting Democrats Abroad at the Running for Democracy event.
    The race is over and you should have received an email telling how your runners did - and what your donation amount should be. 
    If the amount matches one of the boxes on the left, just click on that box and then complete your donation information. If it doesn't match one of the boxes, then enter the amount in to the "Other" box and complete your donation information. 
    By sponsoring our Running for Democracy event, you are helping Democrats Abroad finance our very important GOTV efforts for the 2020 Election. So feel free to donate a larger amount than what you pledged. It WILL make a difference!

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  • Democrats Abroad South Africa is alive in Cape Town!

    An informal group of Americans gathered over coffee on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon on the V&A Waterfront, under the gaze of Table Mountain, to chat about the American situation.

    DAZA Cape Town is back!

    Frustrated watching political scandals from afar, concerned men and women expressed their thoughts and feelings about needing to be heard and share with like-minded friends.

    We discussed the possibilities and methods to vote from South Africa, where Americans may be located, and how to find them to let them know they can vote. There was discussion of parties and events, perhaps in collaboration with one of the local universities!

    The group in Cape Town will organize informal gatherings for people who are interested to share ideas and discuss ways to get people registered, and ultimately to vote. DAZA Cape Town will advise prospective voters about the website in time for them to cast their ballots next year.

    We will be able to answer queries about state-specific voting regulations and engage in the polls, from the primaries to the crucial November 2020 election.

    A platform for Americans in Cape Town has been established.
    Are you interested in joining this group of Americans dedicated to positive change?
    Will you attend a gathering in Cape Town (or Joburg)?
    We want to hear your ideas!

    Connect with DAZA

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  • Exceptional efforts in Luxembourg for the critical 2018 elections

    As your Executive Committee planned for 2018, we knew that Democrats Abroad would put an unprecedented effort into the 2018 midterms -- it was already clear that American values were at stake. As remarkable Democratic candidates emerged all over the USA, we found enthusiasm from Americans all over Luxembourg.

    Our in-person support for voters went later than ever, with our final voter pavilion on the Grand Rue on October 21st. We helped dozens of Americans request or return their absentee ballots at "the last minute." In fact, our volunteers kept helping voters worldwide by phonebanking and advising voters through today!

  • Rentrée for American Voters: a busy week in September

    Democrats Abroad Luxembourg reached more than 100 Americans living in Luxembourg in early September, with three voter-oriented events over four days. First up was the Welcome Back festival at ISL, where super-volunteer Mark gave non-partisan support for voters requesting their ballots for the midterms while Executive Committee members Natalie and Will talked about Democrats Abroad.

    Our well-attended Second Tuesday gathering was another chance to help members and newcomers request their ballots. Our battery-powered printer -- generously provided by the donations of our members -- let us create the forms while we enjoyed the warm evening on Bosso's terrace.

    On Wednesday, Mark and Will helped dozens of American students spending their fall semester in Luxembourg. The students had some complicated questions about what address to use and how to return their ballots. We were well-prepared by the global Study Abroad and global GOTV teams!

    It's a short season for reaching voters in time to get their ballots easily! If your workplace or club has Americans, we'll happily give a short presentation or staff a small booth where we can answer questions and ensure that they get their ballots. You can always send them to our online tool,

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