2020 Highlights -- Poems by Elaine Thomas

Did you know...?

DA Hamburg's Elaine Thomas is a member of the 2020 Democrats Abroad Global Black Caucus Poet Laureate Circle. Elaine's presence has been a real highlight of 2020. Here are some of the poems she wrote, inspired by this year's elections as well as other major events.

No Bullets Prize: http://www.democratsabroad.org/bc_no_bullets_prize

Biking Home: http://www.democratsabroad.org/bc_biking_home

In Fall of Corona: http://www.democratsabroad.org/bc_in_the_fall_of_corona

Time & Time Again: http://www.democratsabroad.org/bc_time_and_time_again

An Amiable Heart: http://www.democratsabroad.org/bc_an_amiable_heart_to_heart

Malcolm and Martin Revisited: http://www.democratsabroad.org/bc_martin_and_malcolm_revisited

Feeling Vulnerable Amidst the Chaos: http://www.democratsabroad.org/bc_feeling_vulnerable

A Grain of Hope: http://www.democratsabroad.org/bc_a_grain_of_hope

Unjust Indigestion: http://www.democratsabroad.org/bc_unjust_indigestion