Progressive Wins at the 2020 DA Regional Conventions

Thank you to all our progressive activists who ran for delegate and DNC member at the Regional Conventions. Thank you for your work in the 2020 primaries, building support for your candidate, and bringing new members to DA.  Good luck if you are running at the Global Convention!!!

Here is a run down of the progressive wins at the three Regional Conventions held online May 16/17.

Americas: A very progressive set of platform resolutions passed in the Americas, including a proposal to support a wealth tax by limiting taxation of Americans abroad to the super wealthy.  The Sanders Delegate elected is Tim Ellis. Friend of the Progressive Caucus, Ken Sherman, was re-elected as DNC member. Sam Goodman (Costa Rica), elected to the Platform Committee, made supportive comments of progressive policy. See the official report on the Americas Convention.

EMEA: Active proDA leader Katie Solon was elected DNC member, along with Diego Rivas, Anne Dlugosz, and Farid Ben Amor as Sanders delegates.  Only one of the platform resolutions was discussed at the EMEA convention, however the electors voted to refer the full set of resolutions to the Global Platform Committee and require it to hold a town hall meeting on them. See the official results from the EMEA Convention.

Asia Pacific: Active proDA members and leaders were elected as follows: John Baumlin as Sanders Delegate, Kiyoko Ayukawa and Kent Getsinger to Global Platform Committee.  ProDA looks forward to working with Aaron Kruse, who was elected DNC Member for AP. And 13 out of 16 of our Platform Resolutions PASSED, including:

  • Support for Wealth Tax 
  • Democratic right to protest
  • Supporting Medicare for All (including undocumented immigrant and medical workers)
  • Fiscal Policy (rather than ‘Fiscal Prudence’)
  • Student Loan Debt Forgiveness
  • Cyber security protection
  • Inclusion of 'Green New Deal' named specifically in Environmental Policy
  • Support for Union Rights
  • Finance Reform

See the official report on the Asia Pacific Convention.